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OPD Chaplain Program Application

  1. Give the name, address and phone number of two (2) character references:
  2. Person to be contacted in case of emergency during your attendance as a Chaplain:

    Due to the sensitive nature of some subjects being presented in the Odessa Police Department, a criminal history background check will be conducted on all individuals applying for the position of Police Chaplain. 

    Odessa Police Department facilities are in compliance with ADA rules. 

    The Odessa Police Department reserves the right to deny attendance to any person for any reason deemed to cause concern to the Chief of Police, Michael Gerke regarding the safety, legality, or advisability of the person’s attendance. In addition, any person with a criminal conviction could be denied admittance into the Odessa Police Department’s Chaplaincy. 

  4. I authorize the Odessa Police Department and its agents to conduct a background investigation. I authorize the release of all records requested, both public and private. I agree to hold harmless from criminal or civil prosecution any entity which releases records as a result of this request, the Odessa Police Department and their agents. 

    I hereby grant OPD permission to use my likeness in a photograph or video in any and all of its publications, including website entries, without payment or any other consideration. 

    I further agree that if I should be accepted into the Odessa Police Department’s Chaplaincy, I will abide by the instructions of Odessa Police staff during all activities related to the Odessa Police Department. 

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