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Keep Odessa Beautiful Board Nomination Form

  1. Keep Odessa Beautiful Board Nomination Form

    The mission of Keep Odessa Beautiful is to empower the citizens of Odessa by providing ongoing education; and available resources with the support of partnerships to reduce waste, promote cleanliness, and beautify our community.

  2. Board Members Are Committed To:
    • Serve (2) years term.
    • Attend all board meetings.
    • Assist in fundraising for the organization.
    • Serve on, and participate in the work of, a committee/task force.
    • Required to be a dues-paying member.
  3. Talents & Skills*

    Specifically, check all the following talents/skills you have to offer the Keep Odessa Beautiful organization:

  4. Please provide details relating to your other volunteer experiences and please list any other Boards you have or are currently serving on: (Name of Organization, Type of Organization, and Duties)

  5. Current or Past Board Connections: List any past or present board members you know.

    Past Board contributions: If you are a current Board member seeking re-nomination, detail your accomplishments as a member of the Board of Directors.  Please be specific to immediate past term:

  6. As an organization, KOB hopes to benefit from the nominee's leadership, wisdom, and commitment to "Be Part Of The Solution" and make a difference in Odessa.
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