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Community Windshield Survey

  1. Community Windshield Survey

    An effective analysis of the current situation in your community may include a "field inspection" or "windshield survey." Based on the Keep America Beautiful Litter Index and Litter/Solid Waste Evaluation, volunteers will review areas in the community for overall litter conditions. The survey is not scientifically based. An average is determined for each site based on 3-9 volunteer scores. The group should travel together so they are viewing the area under the same conditions.

    Rank each site based on

    • Excellent - no litter or minimal litter
    • Good - small amount of litter that could be collected by one person
    • Fair - litter that would require and organized clean up

    Poor - heavy litter that would require heavy equipment or a large-scale cleanup for the area 

  2. Please provide percentages for all of the following: Improper Waste/Disposal, Illegal Dumping, Nearby Food Establishments, Nearby Businesses, Motorists, Pedestrians, Uncovered Vehicle, And Other.

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